2019 Peace On Earth Award Recipients

Each year, SLDVC honors and recognizes individuals, groups, and organizations who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to eliminating domestic violence in our community. Award recipients are selected from all areas from prevention to intervention and are recognized at our annual Peace On Earth Awards event.

We are honored to announce the award recipients this year!

Justice Award – Chad Sorensen & Debi Arnold – for individuals in the criminal justice system who have developed programs/services or made other outstanding contributions in serving victims of domestic and dating violence, protecting the community and/or working toward prevention and offender accountability.

Empowerment Award – Briell Decker – for outstanding efforts to create improved support and/or services to victims of domestic and dating violence and educating those within the criminal justice system of the rights of victims.

Voice Award – Tina Orme – for promoting education and awareness of domestic and dating violence through communications, media, curriculum, or other activities that have advanced a greater understanding of the issue.

Courage Award – John Chadwick – for helping victims and other survivors by enhancing services to victims, developing effective prevention programs, assisting in the reduction of trauma and harm, and/or providing assistance to victims in crisis.